Diego Gallegos; cook, researcher and culinary recreator known as ‘The caviar chef" is Brazilian by birth and Malagan by adoption.

He has reinvented flavours from the traditional cuisine of Andalucia, adding river fish in place of pork, and caviar as the star product, following his intensive work on the recovery of Andalusian sturgeon.

A deep respect for the environment and a multicultural vision of cooking acquired throughout his professional development across different regions of America and Spain have inspired “The caviar chef” to create new concepts via innovative processes, using only regional the highest quality raw materials in his creations.

Cinema as a means of universal expression is the ideal setting for him to reveal what he proposes, by producing documentaries to be projected at film and gastronomical cinema festivals where, when possible, there is also show cooking, as in the case of Madrid Film & Cook, promoting the concept of creative gastronomy of substance.

Following the showing of his first film "SOLLO" at festivals across Spain, Ukraine and India, he has recently produced the documentary "You are what you eat"; an invitation to become aware of the importance of promoting sustainable gastronomy.

The prize Chef Revelación Madrid Fusion 2015, awarded in February of this year, confirms that Diego Gallegos “The caviar chef” is a real presence in Spanish cuisine and one of the chefs to have the greatest impact in Europe.