Extended Tasting Menu season 2017

100€ Per person.

Aperitifs & Starters

Fried sturgeon skin

Peanud macarron stuffed with trout paté and peanut praliné

Cheese bread with huancainne sauce

Catfish macerated in traditional adobo

Bolognese fish from the river ans vinagrette


Main Dishes

Yogurt protein with piranha slice sumac and black olive poder

Tiradito of tilapia with soup of peanut and miso

Grilled fish mixed witn sturgeon blood sauce

Tilapia in traditional marinated sauce with vegetables from our orchard

Catfish, mushrooms from our orchard and cherry tomato confit

Sturgeon confit in garlic oil with Andean tomatto and kinchee foam

Sauteed eel, base of green puree, spinach veil and kabayaki sauce

Catfish grilled chard stems and creamy pil-pil

Typical peruvian broth of piranha, bechamel of tamarinds and spiced potatoes

Ramem soup of catfish whiskers and skin




Ice cream of chicha morada, crumble sable and cream of mazamorra


Picarones with fig honey, cream cheese and lúcuma ice cream

White chocolat mousse, guanaja cake and dried yogurt and coconut

Sweet Petits-Fours (mignardises)

Brigadeiro, Cajuzinho, Beijinho y Olho de sogra